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Waratah Karleu


Transforming Intimate Realities

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Transforming Intimate Realities

Our intimate lives are so much more than sex and sexuality. Connection, desire, self worth and self expression all play a role within our intimate reality. Most people have not been effectively taught how to navigate within these realms. Add to this the restraints and taboos, shame and misinformation, limiting beliefs and past experiences and what could be an area of joy and connection may become a source of frustration and isolation.

Everyone has a right to a fulfilling and healthy sex life, so says the World Health Organisation, yet how do we achieve that? What does that mean for you and your relationship? Because it differs for everyone and changes throughout the course of our lives and the life of our relationships. How do we communicate our changing needs when we have not been given the skills to engage in empowering conversations about this all so important area of our life.

My aim is to create a safe and supportive space for you to begin to explore who you are within the realms of intimacy, sex and sexuality. To become more comfortable within yourself to express and communicate this deeply personal realm. So that you may experience a healthy and fulfilling intimate life with all the peace, joy, freedom and connection that is possible.


Waratah Karleu

About Waratah

Waratah Karleu is a Specialist trained Sexologist, Relationship Coach and Sacred Arts (Tantra) Educator. She has taught yoga and mindfulness practices, presented wellness retreats and intimacy education workshops in addition to working as a counsellor and coach with adults and teens for over 15 years in Adelaide and the Hills. Bringing a culmination of these modalities, including postgraduate studies in Counselling, Sexual Health and Couples Therapy, to Sex Love Life Therapy allows for a holistic, grounded and practical approach to her work… Continue reading »

Consultation Services

There are more people who seek out professional sex therapy than you think. In our society we are generally taught not to talk about our intimate lives and that sex is a private thing. This can lead to people not seeking out assistance and ending up with a less than satisfactory intimate life.


Many of us have had little education about intimacy and how to maintain connection within our relationships. My intimacy sessions are liberating, empowering and fun. We’ll look at you, your relationships and your life, in a safe, supporting, confidential and friendly environment, with you as the leader in the process.

Having a Baby

Consulting a professional sex therapist may provide you with the tools you need to navigate what can potentially be a tricky time for parents. Within a pre-birth consultation, many of the issues that may be left unspoken are able to be aired. The post-birth ‘check in’ can provide new ways for you as a couple to stay connected.


Wellness coaching supports you to explore your strengths and challenges, helping you to define your motivators for moving toward your vision and the step by step goals to get you there. Wellness coaching can be applied to any area of your life where you are experiencing a lack of energy. It may be physical, mental, or spiritual health that you are wanting to enhance.


Creating the space for conversation around eroticism, sexuality, sensuality and relationships. The workshops are conducted in a wholesome, safe, supportive and confidential environment with no nudity or sleaze. The aim is for nourishment and empowerment in an area of life that excites and intrigues us all and yet for most of us, the chance for meaningful discussion or education does not present.

The Bella Flower

The Bella Flower anatomical sex puppets are an essential tool for sexuality educators, parents, sex therapists, counsellors, midwives, birth educators, doctors, sexual health practitioners, physiotherapists…and anyone else who wants a fun, nonclinical yet anatomically correct model to use when talking about female anatomy and arousal.

Made from beautiful textured fabrics the puppets are a non-clinical, friendly, and fun way to talk about female anatomy and arousal, providing a non-threatening avenue for communication and empowerment. Bella Flower anatomical sex puppets are available for purchase through my online shop.


We wanted to say thank you, for the gentle way you coached and guided my wife, friend and lover Melissa and myself back to profoundly enjoying our sexual love life in a way we had not anticipated. I’m listening and addressing her newly and it keeps on expanding on us. At age fifty this week Melissa has felt like a teenager on her birthday and full of joyful play that leaves us both amazed and exhausted but fulfilled. Thank you, dear woman.

Paul and Melissa

Last year, I did a tantra workshop with the phenomenal Waratah from Sex Love Life. The teachings of conscious sexuality are SO IMPORTANT in today’s fast-paced, overstimulated lifestyle. I am urging EVERYONE to take the time to learn about this ancient art! In a society where porn is rife and mainstream media/advertising over-sexualize everything to sell products and people, we need to actively educate ourselves about the alternative approaches to sex and sexuality. Because sex isn’t a product, and because knowledge is power. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about the workshop initially, wondering if it was going to be confronting or too intimate. Let me assure you, Waratah creates an incredibly safe and comfortable space, and there is no nudity or sleaze. Honour, respect and mindfulness are core beliefs of tantra, and this ethos flows through into the workshop. I felt a profound shift in my thinking after attending Waratah’s workshop, and have applied her teachings to many areas of my life.

Jess Abella, 34

After years with different therapists, I finally feel like we have something that is going to work to help us connect again.

Peter & Danielle, 46/38

I originally sat in front of Waratah in a complete mess. I knew I was disconnected in my relationship, but more importantly totally disconnected from myself. I did not know if she could help but I was desperate to develop a relationship with myself and I was willing to try anything! Not only have I attending one on one counselling, but a couples session and one of her women’s Sacred Sexuality workshops. In all these circumstances Waratah provided a safe, sacred space that was judgement free, no matter what was said (or not said!). In each moment, no matter what was going on within myself, I felt I was the most precious and important being in the ‘space’ she created for me. It is my opinion that Waratah has played a very important role in my own personal journey that has brought me to a place in my own life where I am beginning to appreciate myself for who I am on the inside, discover my own personal power, and connect to myself and an excitement for life that has been unprecedented for me. This has flowed to those who I interact with, which is an added bonus! I am in a completely unknown territory and I look forward to having Waratah as one of my supports in the future as I jump feet first into who I am. Words do not express the deep gratitude I feel, or how highly I regard her involvement in my healing and self-discovery.

Sandra, 45