Bella Puppets

These handmade Bella Flower anatomical sex puppets are an essential tool for sexuality educators, parents, sex therapists, counsellors, midwives, birth educators, doctors, sexual health practitioners, physiotherapists…and anyone else who wants a fun, non-clinical yet anatomically correct model to use when talking about female anatomy and arousal.

Made from beautiful textured fabrics the puppets are a non-clinical, friendly, and fun way to talk about female anatomy and arousal, providing a non-threatening avenue for communication and empowerment.

The front surface of the Bella Flower puppets shows the outer labia, the inner labia and the clitoral hood, the glands and legs of the clitoris, perineum and vaginal opening. Located within the vagina are also the urethral sponge which is a raised and textured surface and an expandable elastic cervix. The back side of the Bella Flower puppet shows the vagina and the clitoral bulbs which extend and wrap around the outer vaginal walls.

Each Bella Flower puppet has her own completely removable clitoris to be able to demonstrate the size and function of the whole of the clitoris.

As each of the puppets is handmade, shipping can take up to 3 weeks.

To view the full range of available anatomically correct sex puppets, please visit my online Etsy store using the link below.

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