Couples Retreats

6 day Wholistic Couples Retreat at the luxury villas of Lily Lane in Penestanan, Ubud, Bali.

March 30 – April 4,

July 4-9

September 17-22, 2020


The retreat is an opportunity for you to spend some dedicated time building greater connection, vibrancy and harmony within your intimate relationship.
What I totally love, is working with couples who are both on board…that want to reach for a higher experience. 
This retreat is giving couples the space to dive in deeper…the skills to create the most from their connection……..creating more love in their lives and thus in the world.

Let me, Waratah Karleu, take you on a journey into discovery. A gentle unwinding into greater depth of understanding, of communication, intimacy  and heightened sexuality. Create dedicated time and space for deep soulful connection to explore, heal and transform your relationship using ancient sacred sexuality and embodied sensuality practices. 

The modern science is showing what ancient wisdom has known through the ages. That it is through slowing everything down, our lives,our minds and our breath, we move into deeper states of awareness. When the doing part of the brain is quiet we are able to come into embodied connection. 

What you will do on the couples retreat.

There are 2 love sessions each day in which to explore all the many aspects of embodied sexuality and an early morning yoga session 

The morning yoga session includes partnered yoga and meditation, tools and techniques to take home into your everyday life to maintain the quiet state so easily found on holidays. 

Love session 1 will be more communication based, looking at relationship dynamics and how to enhance your daily connection. 

Love session 2 explores the realms of Tantra through mindfulness, breath work, energy sharing, guided practices and meditations.


What you will discover on the couples retreat. 

Learn Conscious Sexuality practices, relevant for the modern day to move you beyond personality and into soulful harmony. 

Ways to bring you into greater connection within an everyday reality. It is from this, that sensuality and sexuality flows effortlessly. 

Enhance your couple bubble so as bring greater resilience into all areas of life. When we are fully connected within our relationship our strength to be ‘in the world’ is also increased. Learning to lean into and be leant on in ways that work for you both. 

Become more empowered to talk about sex, sexuality, intimacy and your relationship in ways that you can hear and listen. 

Develop greater capacity to enjoy, both giving and receiving pleasure. Expand your awareness of what more might be possible when the nervous system is brought into stillness. 

As with all workshops and retreats presented by Waratah, there is no pressure for disclosure but an invitational space for consensual sharing. There will be no nudity or engagement in sexual acts within the workshops, but time for you to practice in between sessions.


What the retreat includes; 

5 nights accomodation in a private villa with your own pool. 

Breakfast and dinner. 

Daily tailored yoga and meditation sessions.

2 x daily transformational relationship and divine sexuality workshop classes. 

One on one private consultation tailored for you as a couple. 

2 x 1 hour relaxing massages each.



Day 1. Begins at 3pm. 

6.15 – 8.00am Yoga and meditation 

8.30am Breakfast

10.00 – 12.00 am Relating/ Communication. 

12.00 – 4.00pm Free/Practice time or explore the local surrounds. 

4.00 – 6.00pm Sacred Sexuality 

6.30pm Dinner. 

Day 6 ends at 12pm.

 COST: $3497 per couple ($500 deposit to secure your place) with a maximum of 6 couples. The remaining amount paid in instalments leading up to the retreat. This retreat is for couples who are in a good place but are looking for ways to increase and enhance their connection. Being open to learning new practices that may have a grounded yet spiritual basis is also necessary. The morning yoga practice will be for all, including those completely new to it. Poses will be offered for all levels to connect with your body and breath.  


Take dedicated time out to nurture and nourish your relationship, learn some new skills, tools and ways of relating so that your relationship thrives  as a place of harmony and soulful connection.

  • Increase the connection between you and your partner.
  • learn new ways to connect through tantric practices.
  • discover  new ways to communicate.
  • build desire and interest in engaging in sexual activity.
  • How to keep the flame burning.
  •  Increase your comfort to talk about intimacy and sex so you can enhance your sexual confidence.
  • Learn honest communication and become more expressive with your partner.

To register your interest or get on a discovery call please contact us through the link below?

Retreats are run by Specialist trained Sexologist, Couples Therapist & Sexuality Educator — Waratah Karleu.

B.A, M.ScMed (Sexual Health), GradDip.ScSc. (Counselling), Couples Therapist. ASOT (Tantra Educator)                     GradCert (Wellness), CertIV (Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant).

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