The hope and intention of this course is that you may gain a deeper understanding of your erotic nature that you may use this awareness to cultivate a more profound connection with your sexual partner/s.

That you may reach a deeper understanding of your sexual self. Thus finding the courage to allow that part of yourself to be fully present and whole. In turn bringing a greater sense of authenticity and empowerment to other areas of your life.

That you will develop the confidence to engage in robust and authentic conversations about your needs, wants and desires.

And that you may begin infusing your sex life with the wisdom of ancient tantric teachings.

Module 1 Module one
Unit 1 Ebook Bonus
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Reasons for creating the Course
Unit 4 Expanding Awareness
Unit 5 Creating the Space
Unit 6 Ritual
Unit 7 Homework
Module 2 Module Two
Unit 1 Intimacy as an Art
Unit 2 Crash course in all things woowoo
Unit 3 Introduction to the Sacred Arts
Unit 4 Eye Gazing Practice
Unit 5 Homework
Module 3 Module Three
Unit 1 How do you feel loved
Unit 2 How do you feel loved. Homework
Module 4 Module Four
Unit 1 Erotic Power of Consensual Touch. Introduction
Unit 2 Touch Exercise Audio
Unit 3 Touch Follow up
Unit 4 The Erotic power of consensual Touch. Homework
Module 5 Module Five
Unit 1 Your Erotic Nature
Unit 2 Bedroom Visualisation
Unit 3 Homework
Module 6 Module Six
Unit 1 Introduction to Moving Sexual Energy
Unit 2 Reasons for moving sexual energy
Unit 3 Guided Practice for Moving Sexual Energy
Unit 4 Directing Energy
Unit 5 Meditation on the feminine and masculine
Unit 6 Homework

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