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Are you ready to increase the level of connection within your intimate relationship?

Do you yearn for a soulful connection but unsure of how to get there?



career, life and all the things that demand your focus but your relationship is not the place of vibrancy you know it could be?


you recognise that it’s time to bring the focus of your relationship back into the forefront of your life.

Most of us

haven’t been taught the simple skills to navigate our intimate relationships.

Busier lives

with more and more stress is taking us away from the things that really matter most!


we know want to feel the level of connection and intimacy we once had. When I speak of intimacy I don’t necessarily mean sex, I mean the magical space within our relationships where we feel fully seen and acknowledged. Where we feel connected and derive our sense of belonging.


How your life would look if you had the tools to create your relationship as a space of deep connection and soulful devotion that you know within your heart is possible.


to gently build a healthful, dynamic relationship through learning new ways of relating within the realms of intimacy, both clothes on and clothes off.

Be shown

practical tools to increase your connection through guided practices and conversations that you can implement with little time commitment on an everyday basis.

Such as,

How to connect throughout the week  in ways that may or may not be sexual but will enliven your relationship and deepen your connection. The ingredients to build and create the space for sexual intimacy.
Learning the differing ways you and your partner feel loved, seen, acknowledged and appreciated in a clothes on everyday reality and within the ‘bedroom’.
Ancient practices borrowed from the Taoist and Tantric traditions to allow a mindful approach to intimate connection and sexuality, increasing your awareness of what more may be possible.

Waratah Karleu

Having traversed 20 years of marriage and parenting alongside running multiple business, Waratah is all too aware of the ease and discomfort our relationships can be put on the back burner.

Blending Eastern and Western approaches from the modalities of Tantra and Taoism, Yoga and Mindfulness, Ayurveda and Positive Psychology and Post Graduate studies in Relationship Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Health. Waratah has a wealth of lived and learnt experience.

Watch the Introductory Training

The one skill you need to embody for deep soulful connection. This training introduces the course, the content and the presenter, Waratah Karleu.

Intimacy The Art of Connected Loving

is the culmination of 30 years of work, study and play within the realms of interpersonal relationships. Waratah has worked with hundreds of couples in workshops and private consultation. 

It is from this experienced reality together with years of training and work in the area that Waratah offers this program. 

What you will receive…

Free Download of Waratah’s E Book Intimacy; The Art of Connected Loving. 100 pages of exercises and practices aimed at getting you closer.

6 Classy, educational, 20-30 minute video and audio modules guiding you into deeper connection.

Learn ancient techniques from Tantra and Taoism. Safe, sacred, guided practices and rituals to deeply connect you with each other.

Guided practices and conversations to help you explore your intimate realm.

Lifetime access.

Homework/play to build the intimacy throughout the week.

Access to professional support if needed.

By the end of the course you will…. 

Become grounded in a depth of intimacy with your partner and ways to effortlessly maintain that connection through short daily practices.

Know your love language and that of your partner. What you need to feel loved, how to ask for that and how to give to it.

Know your erotic blueprint, how it is you are turned on and off and how your partner is. 

Know how to communicate your needs and desires for touch in a way that you will be heard.

Experience the erotic power of consent.

Learn ancient Tantric and Taoist techniques to deeply connect you with each other.




We wanted to say thank you, for the gentle way you coached and guided my wife, friend and lover Melissa and myself back to profoundly enjoying our sexual love life in a way we had not anticipated. I’m listening and addressing her newly and it keeps on expanding on us. At age fifty this week Melissa has felt like a teenager on her birthday and full of joyful play that leaves us both amazed and exhausted but fulfilled. Thank you, Waratah.

Paul 53 & Melissa 49.

After years with different therapists, I finally feel like we have something that is going to work to help us connect again’.

Peter  47 & Danielle, 43

I have learnt more about my wife through undertaking this course than I have in the 12 years of our marriage.

Scott 38 & Rachel 40.

To learn more about consultations, workshops, or anatomical educational sex puppets, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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