Watch the training ‘The primary skill required to experience greater connection in your relationships.’

The 6 module course Intimacy; The Art of Connected Loving,aims to increase intimate intelligence, discovering much needed skills that many of us have not been taught.
A few benefits you will gain from undertaking the course;

Benefit #1 !

– The possibility to engage in your own time within the anonymity of your own space, building new skills and ways of engaging to bring you into deeper, more soulful connection.

Benefit #2 !

– Discover new tools and conversations to connect you in ways throughout the week that are not necessarily sexual but will enliven and invigorate your relationship.

Benefit #3 !

-Ancient practices borrowed from the Taoist and Tantric traditions to allow a mindful approach to intimate connection and sexuality, increasing your awareness of what more may be possible.



‘We wanted to say thank you, for the gentle way you coached and guided my wife, friend and lover Melissa and myself back to profoundly enjoying our sexual love life in a way we had not anticipated. I’m listening and addressing her newly and it keeps on expanding on us. At age fifty this week Melissa has felt like a teenager on her birthday and full of joyful play that leaves us both amazed and exhausted but fulfilled. Thank you, Waratah.’Paul 53 & Melissa 49.


‘After years with different therapists, I finally feel like we have something that is going to work to help us connect again’.Peter  47 & Danielle, 43


‘I have learnt more about my wife through undertaking this course than I have in the 12 years of our marriage.’Scott 38 & Rachel 40.


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