SWEET T Sexual Wellness, Empowerment and Emotional Training for Teens 

In these changing times a more comprehensive framework for addressing sex, consent, relationships and emotion is required than what is often presented, so that our teens heading into adults may navigate this realm with greater empowerment. Presenting programs that covers in-depth consent training where we address the learnt cultural behaviours that can get in the way of true consent playing out. Teaching skills and tools for emotional regulation through a series of embodied exercises. Opening up conversations about arousal and pleasure, so that navigating this realm through learning how to more easily communicate is less confusing.

The aim is to empower our teens with the skills and tools, to, on the one hand, mitigate harm and damage that may happen through lack of awareness. And, more importantly, lead to greater pleasure and fulfilment for all within the realm of sex and intimate relations.


Each session, participants are encouraged to anonymously provide questions that they would like answers to so as to allow in part the course to be adolescents lead.

Week 1. January 10. Constructs of masculinity and femininity. Taking a critical look at gender projections seen through the lens of popular culture and how this might play out within sexuality and relationships. 

Week 2. January 13.   Changing bodies, arousal, pleasure and consent. Differing sexualities and relationship dynamics. Conception and contraception.

Week 3. January 17.  What gets in the way of consent. Knowing our stress responses (fight, flight, freeze, fawn). Identifying them in ourselves and others. Attachment and authenticity.

Week 4. January 20. Dealing with emotions (rejection, jealousy, desire, attraction) in the realm of sex and sexuality and how to navigate them through a series of embodied exercises. 

Cost for the whole program including the parent/care giver information night $249

Waratah Karleu is a Relationship and Intimacy Therapist and Sexuality Educator. Having homeschooled her daughter from ages 9 through to 15, she has an awareness of the gaps that can exists within the education of homeschooled teens as they enter into the wider world. With Post Graduate studies in Social Science and Sexual Health, she is fully qualified and has current police checks to work with children.

.Waratah has been on the path of raising human potential for the most part of her life. She has a passion for acquiring knowledge about how to live a fully flourishing life, one that provides purpose, meaning, contentment and fulfilment. Of particular interest are the areas of Sexual intimacy and Relationship which, for many of us, we have been provided with limited information and resources to navigate. In addition to providing one one one consultations, Waratah has been presenting intimacy workshops for adults over the last 8 years. Somewhere within those workshops is always the phrase, ‘why aren’t or weren’t we taught this at school’, to which she replies, ‘If I had it my way we would.’ Hence SWEET T has been formed.

Waratah has post graduate qualifications in Sexual Health (MA), Counselling (Grad Dip), Wellness Coaching (Grad Cert), Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA).  Studies also include Gottman’s Couples Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra. She has taught yoga and mindfulness practices to adults and teens, presented retreats, mother and daughter, and intimacy education workshops in addition to working as a counsellor & coach with for over 18 years in Adelaide and the Hills. 

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