Yoga & Wellbeing Events and Retreats with Waratah Karleu.


Offered throughout the year in the Aldinga Scrub.

Weekend getaway for one to nurture, restore, renew and connect.

Aldinga Scrub, South Australia.

A tailor made one or two person retreat experience open for women.The weekend can be booked with a girlfriend to share or all to yourself. Creating a blend of time on your own and/or access to deep therapy/mindset/lifestyle/relationship coaching. Dedicated and individualised yoga and meditation practices. The opportunity to immerse in nature with both beach and bush walking options. A nourishing and nurturing environment to unwind within. Lovingly prepared meals made for you from fresh, organic produce.

Retreat Dates through out 2023 can be found via the link below.


Ubud, Bali. SEPT 2023

Wildness is the freedom we attain when living in alignment with our core Self.

Awaken to the Truth of your Being. Come into alignment with your core Authentic Self. Live vibrantly from your Expanded Reality.

5 nights and 6 days of bliss in the lush hills of Ubud at the divine Lily Lane Villas in Penestanan

Unlock your innate wisdom with ancient practices passed down through the ages.

A transformational journey using Ritual and intent…. .part Magic. Journeying through grounded timeless practices…and surrounded by much joy.

Daily yoga and meditation to connect you with your mind and body, heart and soul.

2023 Retreats

Ubud, Bali. 

Wild Wise Women’s Retreat

September 26-21


Relax, Renew, Restore, Receive. A transformational retreat for women to nourish and nurture body, mind and spirit.

Awaken to the Truth of your Being. Come into alignment with your core Authentic Self. Live vibrantly from the sovereignty of your Expanded Reality. 4 days 3 nights from Friday, August 11th , 4 pm through until Monday the 14th at 12pm. 4 day live in retreat on the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Daily yoga and meditation to connect mind and body, heart and soul.

The wisdom of Ayurveda to create balance within your life, relationships, body and mind.

The ancient art of Tantra to embody the purity and aliveness of your activated life force energy. Simple techniques to embody the power, truth and presence of your sacred power.

And practices aligned with positive psychology.


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Yoga & Wellbeing with Waratah Karleu.


Combining strength with softness, she brings warmth, compassion and deep understanding to her teaching and is highly recognised within her field.  Waratah infuses her teaching with understandings gained from Ayurveda and Positive Psychology which blend seamlessly with Yogic Philosophy. Bringing mind, body, breath and spirit together in grounded, intuitive sequences.  

Waratah has been parcticing and studying yoga for over 30 years within the Iyengar tradition, which focuses on precision and alignment within the postures. Having been drawn to yoga from a young age, it is a practice that she has incorporated into her whole life philosophy. 

For Waratah, the retreat experience allows the alchemical process of tuning into ones true, deeper, higher Self. Through the ancient practices of Asana (body postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation we gain greater access to the truth of our being.  

Utilising the wisdom of Yoga, Mindfulness, Tantra, Ayurveda, Taoism, Wellness Coaching, Positive Psychology and Counselling, Waratah creates a space for deep transformation on all levels. Having held space through classes and workshops for many years she provides a safe place for participants to explore healing of body, mind and spirit.

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