Online courses and live workshops.

The online course, Intimacy; The Art of Connected Loving allows individuals and couples to access a much needed education. Providing tools and skills to build intimate intelligence creating the ground for soulful connection.

Waratah regularly presents live workshops in Australia and Bali for singles and couples aimed at deepening connection with self and others. Her workshops are safe, confidential, grounded, practical, educational and fun, providing a much needed empowering conversation around sex, sexuality and intimacy within the context of our modern world.


Online Course

Intimacy; The Art of Connected Loving

Up-skill in an area of life deeply important to us for which we have had little empowering education. Be guided into greater connection with yourself and with your partner. A six module online course providing you with the tools to navigate intimate relationship. . You can undertake this course as a couple or individually to improve your intimate intelligence. Watch the 20 minute video in which I present the primary  skill required to experience greater connection in your relationships. The course expands upon this skill through various guided conversations and practical exercises.

Women’s Intimacy Education workshops

Women’s only workshops embodying the art of conscious sexuality. Be guided in activating your life force energy to use and direct in all areas of your life for health, joy, fulfilment and empowerment.

  • Learn how to create a safe and sacred context for intimacy.
  • This workshop is open to all ages of women of any orientation.
  • There will be plenty of information presented in a safe, welcoming and wholesome manner with no nudity or sleaze.
  • The workshops are classy and founded with the intention of empowerment, education and inspiration.

Couples workshops


What more pleasure, joy and connection might you experience within your intimate life? The aim is to empower conversation and provide grounded practical applications to enhance your relating, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality and focus on relationship enrichment.

  • Learn better communication skills as a couple;
  • Explore and increase sensual and sexual intimacy;
  • Understand your love languages and Erotic blueprint;
  • Develop a healthy vision for your relationship;
  • Attune as a couple and understand your relationship sexuality.
When you choose workshops with Waratah Karleu you can expect:
A non-judgemental, safe and relaxing atmosphere;
Well-informed workshop presentations;
Skills and tools you can take away;
Skilful personal and group facilitation;
Time for fun and connection;

Upcoming Workshops

Tantra Level 1. Awakening Through Divine Connection. Open for singles and couples, Men and Women.  A Safe and Sacred container to explore Sacred Sexuality. Learn to embody deep intimacy, the cornerstone of soulful connection, with self and others.  An experiential workshop including solo and partnered exercises combining techniques and practices …Read More »
Wildness is the freedom we attain when living in alignment with our core Self. Unlock your innate wisdom with ancient practices passed down through the ages. Awaken the truth of your being, to live vibrantly from your core authentic self. A transformational journey using Ritual and intent…. .part Magic, part …Read More »

Upcoming events

A complete list of upcoming workshops is listed on my Eventbrite events list page. Here you can find full details on each event and instructions on how to reserve a place.

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